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Name:spellbind | a magic world hopping rpg | ooc
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At least, that's the first thought you have. You aren't where you were a second ago, as dumb as that sounds. There's a lot going through your head and your body -- new physical sensations, a throbbing in your temple, a lump in your throat. Things are missing, things are gained.

You may have blinked awake on an island, or maybe the middle of a desert. Underwater, the grand ballroom of an oligarchy, the middle of a war. There's not a lot you know about where you are, but after a few minutes -- maybe more than a few if you're the late blooming sort -- you've come to discover something very crucial:

There's magic within you.
Spellbind ([community profile] spellbinders) is a panfandom space adventure game that places characters into a traveling coven. Characters are given a power, their own magic, and are tasked with exploring the universe together -- exploring worlds, collecting items, completing tasks in order to get home. Teamwork impacts their survival and worlds can range from light and airy to dark and dangerous.

Adventure is waiting. It's calling you -- whether you like it or not.
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